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In Conclusion…

Well, well…where to begin. So many things are coming to an end right now. I guess I should start it off by saying: ’08 Seniors….WE OUT THIS BITCH! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally done. I’ve spent 22% of my life in high school, and it’s crazy to think that it’s over. Looking back, I suppose I could have done a lot of things differently. I could’ve tried harder in class, could’ve joined more clubs, definitely could’ve made more friends, could’ve approached more females, could’ve had a better high school experience in general I guess you could say. But honestly, I have no regrets. All my successes and failures and trials and tribulations, made me the man I am today. I can look myself in the mirror and be proud of myself, so there is really no need for regrets. Did I make mistakes? No doubt. But I learned from those mistakes, and wouldn’t change that for the world. So peace to all my classmates. The world is ours, let’s change it.

Unfortunately, this mix also marks the end to Notes Of Life and my blogging in general. I’ve enjoyed it and it’s been a great experience for me, but I’m ready to move on to bigger and better endeavors. I know that my love for music and hobby of writing will take shape in some other form. Really though, I owe everything this site is to the fans. Whether this is the first time you’ve seen my site or you’ve been with me since the beginning, I thank you for showing love. The internet is one of the best resources towards discovering good music, and once you learn how to use it well, the opportunities are endless.

In conclusion…much love to those who showed it.

In Conclusion Mix


This mix starts off with the feelings of graduation. It’s just a weight lifted off of our shoulders and feeling like we’re on top of the world. Then about halfway through the mix I chose some songs that would give some closing words that I wanted to share before this blog came to an end. Some of them are about dedication towards the love of music, getting props for music, and words of wisdom for the youth. Then at the very end I got Ace talking about regrets, and I finally (been looking to include this song for a while) got J-Live speaking on Hip Hop. That song basically summarizes how I feel about Hip Hop. So yea…goodbye!

1. Intro

2. We Don’t Care by Kanye West

3. Interlude

4. Champion by Kanye West

5. We Celebrate (feat. Kid Capri) by Ghostface Killah

6. Luchini (a.k.a. This Is It) by Camp Lo

7. Two Step Blues (feat. Darien Brockington) by Little Brother

8. Celebration by Kanye West

9. Nobody Like Me (Phonte’s Verse) by Little Brother

10. When I’m Nothing by DMX

11. Anything by Jay-Z

12. Hey Young World by Slick Rick

13. Outro

14. No Regrets by Masta Ace

15. Epilogue (Hidden Track) by J-Live


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The Best Hip Hop Concept Album: A Prince Among Thieves

Even if you’ve never heard of Prince Paul, you’ve heard him. He’s produced for greats like Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, Gravediggaz, Stetsasonic, 3rd Bass, and many more. He paved the way for a lot of producers, and created an innovative style of Hip Hop that has influenced many underground producers today, but in my opinion, his greatest contribution to Hip Hop has been A Prince Among Thieves.

A Prince Among Thieves came out in 1999 on Tommy Boy Records. At a time when creativity in Hip Hop was at an all time low and the subject matter was changing, Prince Paul quietly released one of Hip Hop’s most creative and well executed albums. As he put it himself, “I made this album to encourage art, creativity and sincerity, which is at an all time low, not just in rap but in all entertainment mediums.”

A Prince Among Thieves tells the story of Tariq (played by Breezly Brewin) and True (played by Big Sha). Tariq is an aspiring emcee struggling to make it big in the music industry. For a chance of success in the rap game though, Tariq has to try his hand in hustling. Tariq’s life long friend True hooks him up, and the rest you’ll have to listen to for yourself…

The characters that Tariq and True meet during the story are played by a very impressive lineup of emcees including Big Daddy Kane, Kool Keith, Chubb Rock, Special Ed, Biz Markie, Sadat X, Xzibit, The RZA, Buckshot, and many more. The emcees really get into their characters and help progress the story. And Prince Paul’s production fits perfectly with each scene in the story.

Concept albums are often hit or miss. It is hard to maintain a theme or story throughout an album without sacrificing the flow or quality of music. It’s obvious that Prince Paul spent time developing the story and motifs. A Prince Among Thieves seems more like a story told by Hip Hop than a Hip Hop album with a story. Every song is related to the story, and the necessary skits help advance the story and set the scene. Anybody who knows Prince Paul knows he’s extremely talented at creating realistic skits.

I’ve never heard another album like A Prince Among Thieves. Prince Paul showed that stories can be told through Hip Hop as well as they can be told through books or movies. I’ve listened to this album in its entirety on almost every plane trip I’ve been on. The story itself is great, and the way it’s told through Hip Hop makes it an enjoyable listen for any fan. Of course you can’t really skip around on concept albums. So take an hour out of your day, and check this one out and let me know what you think.

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yo by the way, i’ll be back next week with a (final?) mix and some information about where this blog is going now that i’m done with school and on to bigger & better things…stay tuned.


Some Feel Good Songs

This isn’t a mix or anything, but I uploaded a bunch of songs for a friend who was in a bad mood. I hate wasting links, so I figured I’d throw it on the blog too. Some of the songs are just upbeat and happy and some are more relaxing. Whenever I’m down though, these songs always bring me up.

Blu- It’s Okay: I smile whenever I hear this song.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Take You There: Nice relaxing beat.

Sound Providers – It’s Gonna Be Alright: Happy beat, and uplifting lyrics.

The Pharcyde – It’s All Good: This is a short one, but it’s all good.

Jay Electronica – I Feel Good: Happy beat, happy beat. Always makes me feel good…

Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens (Pt. 2): Forreal, I don’t know how I could’ve made it through this year without this song. Anytime I was stressed out over shit, I would just throw this on and vibe out.

Camp Lo – Luchini: This is it, what? This song is so damn celebratory. No matter what’s happening in your life it always wants to make you celebrate.

Crucial Conflict – Hay: This is just a fun beat that always makes me happy.

Brother Ali – Take Me Home: Just a happy beat.

C.R.A.C. Knuckles – Buy Me Lunch: Another happy, fun beat.

D’Angelo – Root: This song always calms me down.

Kanye West & John Legend – Home: If you like John Legend you’ll like this song. It’s the original version of home, a very motivating beat.

The Foreign Exchange – Be Alright: Connected is such a great feel-good album, it’s gotten me through some rough times. This album ALWAYS raises my spirits whenever I’m down.

The Foreign Exchange – Happiness: Another song off of the Foreign Exchange album that makes me happy.

Biz Markie – Just A Friend: This beat always makes me happy. Just nod ya head.

Nappy Roots – Good Day: If kids singing doesn’t make you happy…you might not have a soul.

so yea…hope that raises ya spirits if you’re down. peace.


Storytime Mix: The Top 25 Hip Hop Storytelling Songs

Storytelling is a necessary skill for any great emcee to have. Without visuals, it takes a lot of talent to paint a picture and tell a story by only using words (especially when they have to rhyme). There is a story song on almost every album, but in my opinion, these are the top 25 storytelling songs:

Storytelling Mix: The Top 25 Hip Hop Storytelling Songs

25 songs, 1 hour 55 minutes, STREAMING/DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW


25. Glen Close by Binary Star: In this song One Be Lo recounts the story of his problems with his crazy ass ex. He learns a valuable lesson in the end though.

24. Sweetest Way To Die by Vakill: Vakill is criminally slept on, and this song showcases his storytelling skills. He paints the picture of a graffiti writer deciding how to escape the law.

23. Shakey Dog by Ghostface Killah: Ghostface’s vocabulary makes for any good storytelling song. I know this one is recent, but it’s still my favorite storytelling song by Tony Starks. It’s funny as hell too. If only the sequel was this good.

22. Hellucination by Smif-N-Wessun: What a mesmerizing beat. Tek and Steele tell the story of how a normal day with them trying to get paid turned into a crazy adventure with shootings and crooked cops. And of course, this being Smif-N-Wessun, they’re smoking weed throughout the whole story.

21. Them That’s Not by J-Live: J-Live is another underrated storyteller. In Them That’s Not he tells the story of a mediocre emcee who had a hit single and tried to create a career for himself. But emcees need to be talented, and them that’s not don’t last in this industry. The beat cleverly goes with the lyrics too. My favorite story of an emcee’s rise and fall in the fickle rap game.

20. I Seen A Man Die by Scarface: On this song, Scarface tells the story of a young man just getting out of prison. As he struggles with living clean, he eventually turns back to the streets, and encounters the grim reaper.

19. Renee by Lost Boyz: What a sad story. Right when love was found it was taken…this is not your average Hip Hop ballad.

18. Casualties Of A Dice Game by Big L: Big L tells the story of how a dice game escalated into a beef. It’s complete with shootouts and betrayal.

17. Mr. Big by Eightball & M.J.G.: Eightball tells the story of a character on his way to becoming Mr. Big. But will he make it?

16. Uncommon Valor (feat. RA The Rugged Man) by Jedi Mind Tricks: Heres a unique storytelling song. It’s about Vietnam. What’s really interesting about this one is that RA The Rugged Man’s amazing verse is actually the true story of his father. For more information check out this interview. Amazing song and story

15. My Summer Vacation by Ice Cube: Ice Cube tells the story of how he moved to St. Louis for the summer to try to take over. It didn’t turn out too well…

14. I’m Gonna Kill You by Juggaknots: Breezly Brewin is such a sick emcee. I got no problem saying he has the most hypnotic flow of all time. On this great song, he tells the story of how he was threatened by his girl’s ex.

13. One Day by Jeru The Damaja: Jeru was another great storyteller, and in this unique track he combines a dope story with a deep metaphor.

12. Blowjob Betty by Too Short: Too Short is one of the funniest storytellers. This song here is a perfect example.

11. N***** Bleed by The Notorious B.I.G.: Biggie was so descriptive in his songs that you could actually see what was going on. This is just a classic tale of his.

10. Just A Friend by Biz Markie: This is arguably the most commercially successful Hip Hop storytelling song. And Biz does speak the truth, so listen closely fellas.

9. Soulja’s Story by 2Pac: Pac could really describe emotions and moods. Take this song for example, you could really hear the desperation in the soulja’s voice.

8. Boyz N Da Hood by Eazy-E: What a long and crazy story by Eazy. It’s not all that focused, and it’s really a couple of stories jumbled into one, but he still kills it.

7. Dance With The Devil by Immortal Technique: This is definitely the most haunting story on the list. Immortal Technique is a sick fuck. I’m sure most of you have heard it, but if you haven’t, it’s the story of a lost youth trying to prove himself.

6. Love’s Gonna Getcha (Material Love) by Boogie Down Productions: KRS-One was another great storyteller. In this song he tells the story of a young man who’s desire for material objects and money led to his downfall.

5. Warning by The Notorious B.I.G.: This is my favorite story song by Biggie. The sound effects and the whole story are just perfect. This is how stories should be told.

4. Stan by Eminem: Maybe this song is the most clever one on the list. Say what you want about Eminem, and I’m not a big fan, but this song is fucking amazing.

3. Undying Love by Nas: Nas is so descriptive with his lyrics. He can really paint a picture, and in this song he tells the story of him and his unfaithful girl.

2. La Di Da Di (Live Version) by Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh: And now, the greatest storyteller of all time…Slick Rick. I had to include the live version to capture their energy. The greatest storyteller of all time on the lyrics and the greatest Hip Hop entertainer of all time on the beat? Certified classic.

1. Children’s Story by Slick Rick: Best storytelling song of all time. Without this, 25-2 would have sucked. Rick paved the way.

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let me know what you think…


A More Perfect Union

After finishing the video (with tears in my eyes by the end) I began to wonder if I was truly witnessing history. At first, although Obama seemed promising, I was hesitant to support him because of my skepticism on any chance for a true change. Our country is condemned by a system which can not so easily be infiltrated by one man…or so I thought. As Obama made more speeches and really showed the American people what it is he represents, I started to believe him. Maybe somebody could somehow make it far in our political system while still staying true to his beliefs. I used to think there was no solution, but now I genuinely believe that Barack Obama can change what has afflicted our nation for so many years.

Truth is, there has never really been an open conversation on racial issues in America without people blaming each other or refusing to acknowledge the underlying issues. Race is the elephant in the room that nobody is allowed to speak of because it deals with some serious issues that everyone is afraid to explore. Dirty politicians (the true meaning of racists) exploit that fear and transform it into tension in order to push their greedy agendas over the American people. This has been going on for centuries, and will continue to go on until somebody stands up and encourages the average American to confront their fears and discuss them instead of bottling them up and channeling them through hate. Luckily for us, today Barack Obama finally challenged the status quo of America’s deeply rooted racism.

In his speech, Obama urges the American people to come together to form a more perfect union. The only way to do is this understanding. It is much easier for critics of unity to say, “Oh they’ll never understand.” than to educate others while also educating themselves on the viewpoints of others. Blacks need to understand that all people have a natural fear of change, and that fear has been exploited to the point where it can create racist beliefs in the minds of white people. Whites need to understand the tragic and atrocious racial injustices of America’s history can easily make people bitter and hateful, and that is understandable. It would be unfair to condemn the bitterness of others if you haven’t had to deal with the same inequalities they have. At the same time, neither fear nor bitterness will bring about change. Unity can be achieved, but only through enlightenment and understanding. Malcolm X realized that once he made his hajj and saw the possibilities of equality, “The American Negro never can be blamed for his racial animosities–he is only reacting to four hundred years of the conscious racism of the American whites. But as racism leads America up the suicide path, I do believe, from the experiences that I have had with them, that the whites of the younger generation, in the colleges and universities, will see the handwriting on the wall and many of them will turn to the spiritual path of truth–the only way left to America to ward off the disaster that racism inevitably must lead to.”

Unfortunately, Malcolm X (or El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) was assassinated before he ever got a chance to spread his new found message. He would be ashamed to see that little has changed since his untimely death. Communication (the most important aspect to any relationship) is shunned upon nowadays. Americans are attacked and called politically incorrect whenever they speak their minds. No one seems to care what makes them feel the way they do. A sense of understanding needs to be brought upon through unfiltered communication. I do believe that an open channel of communication between all races of America could bring racial harmony, and Barack Obama might just be able to inspire the people to finally make a change.


Dig Deeper Vol. 1 Mix

WNUR Records

When people are getting into Hip Hop they go through different stages. The first stage is what’s available to them: who their friends are listening to, what’s been recommended, who they’ve heard and liked, etc. Then if people are trying to learn more about Hip Hop and its history they study the classics. They’ll go back and pick up all the albums that are considered must have such as Illmatic or Midnight Marauders. After that they go through a second round of near classics such as Fantastic Vol. 2 or Soul Food. These are albums that are still top notch, but just didn’t make the cut for classics. After that people sometimes get lost. They don’t know who to listen to and feel like they’ve already explored all of Hip Hop. That’s where this mix comes in. There are so many overlooked Hip Hop albums from the 90s. The 90s is the best decade of Hip Hop…where there were at least 5 classics being made every year and then 20 or so near classics. Because this is such a huge number of amazing albums, there are still many albums that are great but just got overlooked and lost in the shuffle. That’s where this mix comes in. I learned about most of this music through other blogs (check WYDU & WTR for thorough writeups…and links to these albums) and it’s just taken my love of Hip Hop to the next level. There’s nothing like finding that jewel in the rough. I tried to narrow it down but in my small collection of slept on albums, I made a playlist of 45 songs from different artists. That’s why this will be a three part series (that’s if ya’ll are digging this mix). So if you like some of the songs definitely check the albums out or holla at me for some suggestions. As always, lemme know what you think.


Dig Deeper Vol. 1 Mix



1. Intro

2. Wrong Side Of Da Tracks by Artifacts: Outta Newark, NJ, Artifacts is a duo composed of El Da Sensei & Tame One. They came on the scene in ’94 with their debut album Between A Rock & A Hard Place. The album’s got funky samples (mainly courtesy of Buckwild) with clever lyrics on topics ranging from graffiti, marijuana, and graffiti.

3. Get Funky by The Beatnuts: The Beatnuts are from Queens, and they started getting attention around ’94 with their self titled album. Before listening, realize these guys aren’t called the Lyricistnuts. Their lyrics are funny as hell usually, but its their production that makes them stand out. Definitely check out their self titled album which is criminally slept on and considered a classic by many.

4. 9 Little Millameta Boys by Eightball & M.J.G.: While New York was controlling the game, Southern emcees were slowly starting to get some recognition. The south had a completely different sound, with simplistic beats that simply bumped in the whip. The best example of this is 8Ball & M.J.G., a duo from Memphis. They’re real consistent dropping dope album after dope album, and their debut album Comin’ Out Hard let the rest of the world know that the South had something to say.

5. Crews Pop by Da Youngsta’s: Even the shorties were making music back in the day. I’m not talking about Lil Romeo, Lil Bow Wow, or Soulja Boy…these kids could actually hold their own. Da Youngsta’s were unique because they actually wrote their own records. I don’t know how the hell they did it, but in ’93 they somehow got heavyweights like The Beatnuts, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, & DJ Premier to produce their second album The Aftermath. I’m not gonna lie, the lyrics could be better, but all the production on this album is simply amazing, and really foreshadowed the direction Hip Hop was going in.

6. ’85 South (Remix) by Ya’ll So Stupid: I don’t know much about this group, and they do sound like Pharcyde knockoffs…but nevertheless, they dropped a dope album called Van Full Of Pakistans (don’t ask me) in 1993.

7. N**** For Hire by Hard Knocks: Not many people know about this group here. In 1992 they came out with their debut album School Of Hard Knocks. It had great production and real political and thought provoking lyrics. They never got much recognition, but looking back…they made a real thorough album.

8. Next Level (Nyte Tyme Mix) by Showbiz & A.G.: Before you ask, you recognize this beat from 8 Mile. Now that that’s out of the way, Showbiz & A.G. were getting mad respect in the underground for a while. They came amazing (and most would consider classic) albums such as Runaway Slave and Goodfellas. This song is a Hip Hop classic off of Goodfellas. They later hooked up with DITC.

9. The Big East by Masta Ace Incorporated: Masta Ace is one of my favorite emcees of all time. It’s crazy to think that he’s been releasing music for 20 years now. Although he’s one of the most consistent rappers of all time, he is still criminally slept on. I hope one day he finally gets the respect he deserves.

10. Funky Child by Lords Of The Underground: LOTUG hit the scene around ’93 with their debut album Here Come The Lords. This was around the time when the whole “underground” scene was starting to form. They created a name for the underground and quickly gained respect as one of the best groups in it.

11. Tears by Da King & I: What a fucking good album. Not many have heard it, but Contemporary Jeep Music is just fucking good. The production shows you exactly what Hip Hop was about in the early nineties. I don’t even know where these guys came from, and they vanished as quickly as they appeared, but they still dropped a fucking good album.

12. Attitudes by Rumpletilskinz: Groups really thrived in the early nineties. It seemed like a whole crew would get together and release an album. Some turned out weak, others really worked. Rumpletilskinz’s What Is A Rumpletilskin? is an example of the latter.

13. Wopbabbalupop (feat. B-Real) by Funkdoobiest: West Coast was starting to make noise too. They were trying to find their identity in the game, and like NY, they birthed a lot of new styles. DJ Muggs was in his prime at this time. Everybody knows about Cypress Hill, but Muggs also executively produced Funkdoobiest’s Which Doobie You Be? which is in my opinion on par with some of Cypress Hill’s work.

14. Only When I’m Drunk by Tha Alkaholiks: Yup…another style of that West Coast Rap. Tha Alkaholiks became known as some of LA’s finest on the underground scene when they released 21 & Over in ’93. Real good production, with funny rhymes about drinking, smoking, more drinking, and more smoking.

15. Generals by Fu-Schnickens: When you got the Native Tongues running shit…it’s kinda hard to get recognized. Nevertheless, Fu-Schnickens were dope, and get more respect nowadays as people are starting to rediscover them.

16. Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress by Boogiemonsters: Awww shit. I love saving the best for last. I don’t know much about Boogiemonsters. I’d be lying if I said their debut album, Riders Of The Storm was a near classic or anything…but this song? JUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!!!!!!!! Out of all the slept on groups, albums, and songs who I’ve been discovering lately, this is probably my favorite song.

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If you enjoyed the mix, let me know…I got plenty more of this to come if ya’ll are digging it. There are some blogs dedicated solely to this type of Hip Hop.


Here My Dear

I suppose I’m naive. I suppose I’m an idiot, and I don’t know a thing about love. I mean I guess I can write well about love and break it down scientifically so that I can make sense of it, but when push comes to shove, my experiences (or lack thereof) with love give me no right to tell people about it. I suppose I shouldn’t be sharing this, suppose it’ll make me vulnerable, suppose nobody is reading my blog for this, and that this is too much information for people I barely know, but this is therapeutic for me. I need to express my feelings and I need to look for understanding through writing and music. Music is what I’ve always turned to in times of need, and that’s been the most dependable friend in my life. That’s all I got right now, because I just (temporarily I hope) lost someone real close to me. She had been asking me to do an entry dedicated solely to her, well…Here, my dear. I could never really understand why men carried so much animosity towards women. I was mostly raised by my mother. It’s not like my father wasn’t there, he did play an important role in my life, but I mostly took after my mother. I learned to treat women with the utmost respect and care that they deserved. So from a young age, I never could understand why men would cheat on their girlfriends or ‘dog’ women out. To put it bluntly, I never been the hit it and quit it type of guy. That’s just not me.In my early teenage years I didn’t really know what was expected of me. I had strong feelings of attraction towards girls my age, but what was I supposed to do, marry them? Still, I approached them, assuming I would figure it out as I went along. I had some ups, had some downs. Probably had more rejections than successes, but that didn’t really faze me. I tried not to let anything faze me.

In high school I couldn’t really get into relationships. There were a lot of outside factors that restricted me from being able to commit to one woman. Still, I had my experiences. I got backstabbed and betrayed a couple of times, learned from those experiences, and kept it moving. I refused to let people break me down, refused to let anything faze me. I don’t suppress these feelings though. I acknowledge them as a specific experience I had with one person. If I don’t let one person represent an entire race why would I let one woman represent half the world? I don’t let the negative impressions of one relationship roll over to the next one.

This past year I’ve been put to the test. I’ve misled, hurt, and rejected. Yet I’ve also been loved, cared about, and maybe happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I opened up to let my feelings be known because I thought they were mutual and put my heart out on the table only to get it sent right back. I now can understand why men become cold hearted. I been told before that, “You never know what it means to be a man until you’ve had your heart broken.” Well, now I’m presented with a choice. I could accept manhood in the traditional sense and become cold hearted too. I could lose all my respect for women, never trust anybody again, never express my feelings again, and completely shut myself down. I could do all that, but I won’t. I’ma get over it, become stronger, and keep it moving.

It’s a good thing I don’t let shit faze me…
Here My Dear Mix

14 Songs, 1 hour 3 minutes, DOWNLOAD/STREAMING LINKS BELOW

It’s still always important to acknowledge your feelings and let them sink in. Just don’t dwell on them. Well…in my time of need and understanding I turn towards music. It’s easy to talk to friends and have them nod at your ramblings, but I get more out of listening to musicians artistically express the same feelings I have. The person this mix is dedicated to surely knows it. I just want her to know that I didn’t make this to hurt you at all. These songs represent all the feelings I’ve gone through in the past couple of days. I fought through anger, bitterness, and many other emotions that I’ve never experienced so strongly. They all come from love though, and that’s the emotion that conquers all in the end. I still do love you, and always will. This ones for you. Here, my dear:

1. Here, My Dear by Marvin Gaye

2. Giving Up by Donny Hathaway

3. Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers

4. Walkin’ Away by Brother Ali

5. Fuck You Lucy by Atmosphere

6. When Will You Call by Bilal

7. Green Eyes by Erykah Badu

8. Hope She’ll Be Happier by Bill Withers

9. Where I Wanna Be by Donnell Jones

10. Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill

11. Want U To Want Me by Tanya Morgan

12. Walk On By by Isaac Hayes

13. I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know by Donny Hathaway

14. Grits by The RZA



CLICK FOR .ZIP FILE (full songs, separate tracks, unmixed) *actually none this week, but holla if you really want it*

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I’d rather not even have any comments on this mix. If you like it, great. If not…stay tuned for next week.