By mashpg

I’ve been approached by some people who are confused as to how to download from my site. It seems pretty self explanatory to me, but whatever. As of now, I’m providing two links for every mix I make. The first link is a zshare link. Zshare lets you either stream or download my whole mix. The zshare link is in one file, therefore if you download it you can’t skip between tracks easily.

To stream the music, all you have to do is click the link.

To download the music, click the zshare link, click “Download this file”, then click “Download Now!” Then just save the .mp3


The second link I’ll be providing from now on is for either a .RAR or .ZIP file. Think of these files as packages or something, they hold all the songs of the mix together. So if you download from this link, you’ll get however many songs (still mixed of course) I used for the mix. This way you can easily skip between tracks (although I make these mixes for people to listen to the whole way…but whatever floats your boat). To download these files you should get WinRAR (click the top link). I’ll usually upload these .rar files on megaupload. To download from megaupload, click the link in my blog, then enter in the code at the top right and click download:

Then you’ll see this in the center of the page:

After the timer runs out click this:

Then this should pop up, make sure you select open with WinRar.ZIP:

click OK then wait for it to download.

When it’s done opening, if you installed WinRAR correctly, a window will pop up. Something will say please purchase WinRAR, and just click close at that prompt. Then highlight all the songs, using CTRL+A and click Extract To at the top:

It’s pretty easy from here on out. A window will pop up and then just choose the folder you want to move the mix to. Then click Extract and WinRAR will move the files to that folder. Then you have them on your computer and can add them to iTunes or whatever. I still think it’s easier and better to go the zshare route, but it’s up to you.

Hope that helps, if you have any more questions just holla at me.


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